Abhisam Industrial IoT Workshop announced

Abhisam is pleased to announce that the Abhisam Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) workshop will be held from 9-10 March 2018 in Powai, Mumbai.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a much talked about technology in the press, yet many of the use cases shown are from the domestic and consumer world such as Fitbits (personal fitness monitors) and smart homes. However the most valuable part of the IoT ecosystem will be what is known as the Industrial IoT. This part will be as much as 70% (by value) of the entire IoT market and it is important for everybody in industry and business to know. The IIoT does not refer to just pure industrial applications of IoT but also those which are a blend of industrial and enterprise applications, such as integrated cold chains, logistics applications, electrical distribution and utilities, just to name a few.


To enable engineers, technologists and managers to learn about this exciting new technology, Abhisam has organized the Industrial Internet of Things workshop. This intensive two day hands on workshop will cover all aspects of the IIoT and is not just for hobbyists but for practicing engineers and technologists who wish to know about it and participate in this new world.

All participants will get a Certificate of Participation from Abhisam.

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Module 1- Basic Concepts

  • Introduction to Things
  • Introduction to IoT- Background & History
  • How is IIoT different from plain vanilla IoT?
  • Challenges facing IIoT due to the I part
  • Types of Sensors, Transmitters, Control Systems & Actuators
  • Introduction to RFID Technology & its role in IoT
  • Characteristics of Industrial Devices-
  • Traditional Data Acquisition & Control Architectures- PLC/DCS/SCADA/SIS
  • Changes in legacy architectures due to to IIoT
  • Industry 4.0 Concepts

Module 2- IIoT Architectures

  • Understanding Industrial applications
  • Designing viable IIoT Architectures
  • Machine Automation applications versus Process Automation applications
  • Field Devices in IIoT
  • Connecting legacy I/Os – Analog 4-20 mA, Fieldbus, Wireless devices and Gateways
  • Communication Protocols (including OSI Model and TCP/IP, MQTT, HTTP, REST)
  • Cybersecurity Considerations- Authentication, Encryption, Security Certificates, SSL

Module 3- IIoT Platforms

  • Characteristics of IIoT platforms- Open Source, Third Party or Dedicated
  • What is the Cloud? Why use it? Fog, Private Cloud & Public Cloud
  • Digitalization & Virtualization
  • Digital Twin Concept
  • Analytics & Dashboards
  • Practical Exercise- Use Microsoft Azure as an IIoT platform
  • Using other platforms such as Amazon (AWS), SAP Leonardo
  • Using dedicated specialty IoT Cloud platforms

Module 4- IIoT Standards & Interoperability

  • Need for Common Taxonomy & Framework/Rules
  • Developing Standards & Practices
  • CENELEC/ IEC / ISO/ IEEE & ISA status on Standards
  • Challenge of interoperability

Module 5-Practical Demo 1

  • Building an IIoT Device
  • Developing Specifications
  • Selecting Field devices & the platform
  • Configuring programs & parameters
  • System integration & testing

Module 6-Practical Demo 2- Predictive Maintenance

Module 7-Practical Demo 3- Analytics Application

Q and A session

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Abhisam and Government Polytechnic Mumbai sign MOU

Abhisam is pleased to announce that they have signed an MoU with Government Polytechnic Mumbai (GPM), to enable access to all Abhisam online e-learning courses to participants of GPM’s  Continuing Education Programs (CEP), as well as their regular final year students. All participants who enroll in these courses and pass the associated exam, will get dual certification from Abhisam and GPM. The Continuing Education Program from GPM allows working professionals to acquire additional skills in engineering and technology, without having to attend full time courses. Abhisam’s e-learning courses will be a perfect answer for these busy professionals, who wish to acquire knowledge, skills and industry recognized certifications.

Abhisam signs MoU with GPM. Seen in the picture are Mandar Phadke, Prasanna Malandkar of Abhisam and Prof Vishwarupe, Prof Dr Narkhede, Prof. Dhulshette and other faculty of GPM.

The entire e-learning catalog of Abhisam will be available to these professionals, who can then enroll into all or individual courses via GPM Admissions department. This catalog consists of courses such as those on AC Variable Frequency Drives, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology), Safety Instrumented Systems, Fieldbus, Hazardous Area Instrumentation, Gas Monitors, HAZOP, Safe Chemical Warehousing and others. Newer Abhisam courses such as those on Basic Industrial Cybersecurity, Intrinsic Safety and IoT will be automatically added.

Abhisam Software is the leader in providing e-learning courses to technical professionals all over the world. Government Polytechnic Mumbai is a premier autonomous institute under the Govt Of Maharashtra, that provides technical education to students via regular three year Diploma courses, as well as via Continuing Education Programs to industry professionals.

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