Cyber Security Training Online

The best way to get Cyber Security Training online for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), is via Abhisam’s new Industrial Cybersecurity e-learning course. If you are an engineer or technical professional who is working in areas of Instrumentation, Control Systems, Automation or Safety in any kind of industry, then you must understand and be competent in ICS Security.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS for short) are used extensively in all kinds of industries and sectors today, not just in manufacturing. You can find these kind of control and automation systems in oil fields, power generation plants, water distribution networks, gas distribution pipelines, waste water treatment plants, building automation systems and more. These systems may be DCS (Distributed Control Systems), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems), SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) or PC based control systems. These could also be specialized systems such as HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems) or BMS (Burner Management Systems). All these systems need to be secure against cyber attacks from state and non state actors. Many of these systems are legacy systems, that are decades old with little or no security inbuilt. What’s worse is that the newer systems, introduced recently are also not any better from the view point of cyber security.

This course is meant for those industrial professionals, who work in industry and would like to learn and get qualified in ICS Security, as well as those IT cybersecurity professionals, who would like to learn about control system security. Note that IT systems and Industrial Control Systems are completely different and thus need different approaches to securing them. What is relevant and good for a business IT system (such as a SAP based ERP system) for security, may not be relevant or in some cases downright dangerous for a system like a SCADA or a DCS.

Industrial Cybersecurity

The best way to get a good grasp of this complex subject is via Abhisam’s Industrial Cybersecurity training course. This e-learning course, which is available online in Abhisam’s popular XPRTU format, is composed on text, animations, videos and exercises alongwith ready made templates and a case study of a cyber attack on a Nuclear Fuel enrichment plant. This course can be taken online on Abhisam’s new learning portal at prettygoodcourses.com

After you complete this online course, you can take the associated exam and on passing, earn a Certificate of Competency in ICS Cybersecurity as well as an electronic badge, issued via Credly, the world’s largest badge issuer. You can display your badge on professional portals such as LinkedIn as well as on social networks like Facebook. This enhances your profile and gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase your new skills to potential employers and clients.

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Abhisam’s New Learning Portal-PrettyGoodCourses

Abhisam is super excited to announce the launch of their new e-learning portal, PrettyGoodCourses. The portal is now live at https://prettygoodcourses.com and it can be accessed by anybody, via any device be it a PC or laptop or Mobile or Tablet.

There are a variety of paid off the shelf courses as well as free learning courses available in our XPRTU format. Simply register on the portal and start learning new skills today! You can also get certified if you take our online exam that is associated with every paid course. You not only get an electronic pdf certificate, but also a badge that is issued via Credly and can be shared online on places such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This is a great way to announce and showcase your newly acquired skills to your colleagues & co-workers, or present and future bosses and clients.

If you are an employee or a contractor-Get that raise that you always wanted, or be eligible to apply for jobs that require prerequisite skills!

If you are an employer, then nominate your employees to take these courses (can be taken anytime 24/7) and we can also make a detailed training record of your employees available to you! It’s great to demonstrate legal compliance, especially for safety training!

All electronic badges are compliant to Mozilla’s Open Badges standard and are issued via Credly, one of the world’s largest badge issuer. This is the best anti-counterfeiting feature available.  Now counterfeit certificates are a thing of the past. Instantly verify any badge by clicking on it to confirm if it really belongs to the person who furnishes it!


Online Training Courses

At the moment the following paid and free training courses are available:

  1. Hydrogen Sulfide
  2. Hazardous Area Instrumentation
  3. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  4. HAZOP
  5. Safety Instrumented Systems
  6. Industrial Cybersecurity
  7. Safe Chemical Warehousing
  8. Gas Monitors
  9. Basic RFID Technology
  10. RFID
  11. Fieldbus
  12. Functional Safety Mock Test
  13. Hazardous Area Mock Test

New training Courses are being added all the time and in the near future expect the following ones to be available soon

  1. Hazardous Area Classification
  2. Working at Height
  3. Hazard Identification
  4. P & IDs
  5. Intrinsic Safety
  6.  Level Measurement
  7. Pressure Instrumentation
  8. Flow Measurement
  9. Temperature Measurement
  10. Nitrogen Safety
  11. Electrical Schematics
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Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity Course Released!

Abhisam is delighted to announce that its much awaited  e-learning course (XPRTU) on Industrial Cybersecurity is now released and available for purchase on the Abhisam website!

This ICS Cybersecurity course covers all that you need to know about Industrial Control System Cybersecurity. Available in three options as Online (for individuals), Enterprise (for companies and other organizations) and Enterprise SCORM (in case a company/organization would like this to be accessible on your organizations LMS). Every option has the same content, but delivery and access time is different.

Industrial Cybersecurity

There is a special offer for existing Abhisam customers! Also an Early Bird discount Code for those of you who had registered for it before the launch.

This XPRTU has the following modules. These modules have text with full voiceover, animation, videos and examples to make it a complete learning experience. At the end of the course, you can take the exam and get certified.

  1. Introduction to the Course.
  2. Overview of Industrial Automation & Control Systems.
  3. Basic Concepts of Cybersecurity.
  4. IACS Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks.
  5. IACS Security Standards.
  6. IACS Cyber Risk Assessment.
  7. Case Study (Stuxnet)
  8. Self Assessment Test.

We are also excited to announce our new learning portal today at https://prettygoodcourses.com

This learning portal has a mixture of free and paid courses that can be taken online, with exam and certification (only for the paid courses). For companies and organizations, we have the facility to help you meet your compliance proof documentation with a full report of learner activity. Contact us for more details.

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Abhisam Industrial IoT workshop in Pune in Sep 2018

Abhisam is excited to announce its fourth Pune workshop in September 2018 (7th and 8th Sep 2018)!

After a slew of workshops in Mumbai and Pune, we will have the next Industrial IoT and Digitalization workshop in Pune on 7th and 8th Sep 2018.

This Level 2 (Samurai) workshop will be a deep dive into the new Industrial Internet of Things and Digitalization technology that will revolutionize all industrial sectors.

One of the myths perpetrated by many entities (incumbent automation vendors, engineering consultants and so on), about IIoT and Digitalization in plants such as oil and gas installations, petroleum refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical bulk drug or formulation plants, power generating plants, mining sites, discrete parts manufacturing, autombile parts plants and so on is that they will not be impacted much because there are already digitized.

This is actually a half truth. Just having some microprocessor based instruments that show you graphics on a screen is not being digitized, it is only half the story.

In reality most Automation Systems (DCS/PLC/SCADA/SIS/ESD/PC based DAS) installed in even newer plants is technology that is quite old. Even your mobile handset today has more computing power than some of the DCS controllers and stations that you find in these plants! You CAN benefit from implementing these technologies, whether you are from the user side or from the automation vendor side or an engineering consultant or even an EPC contractor.

If you are a professional from any of these industries, then you MUST understand this new technology or risk becoming obsolete!

By attending this vendor neutral workshop, you can leave aside all the hype and jargon and will ACTUALLY LEARN how to implement this new IIoT and Digitalization technology. Learn how implementing these technologies will drastically enhance the cybersecurity of your plant while being very cost effective and transparent (to you).

This workshop will cover everything that you need to know to come up to speed with this new technology including the different kinds of digital field devices that can be used, secure connection protocols like MQTT that can replace older insecure protocols such as Modbus and others, different IIoT platforms that free up the data that is now isolated in your DCS “islands of automation”, building cyber security from the ground up and much more!

Learn all of these new skills, which will be in high demand in a short while from now.

This is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed!

AbhisamIIoT_Samurai Badge

All participants will get this Samurai electronic badge from Abhisam (via Credly, which is the largest badge issuer in the world). This badge (only representational image above, the actual badge will have embedded info).  You can display this badge across social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, so your achievements can be seen by prospective clients and customers or your boss. What’s more the badge will conform to the Mozilla Open Badges standard, so you can add it your online backpack with badges from other providers (who also need to conform to this standard).

Abhisam IIoT and Digitalization workshops are at three levels. Level 1 is the Ninja level (Basic), Level 2 is the Samurai level (Intermediate) and Level 3 is the Shogun level (advanced).

This workshop can also be conducted in house at your facility or university/college. Get in touch with us today.

Register here https://in.explara.com/e/industrial-internet-of-things-iiot-digitalisation-workshop-pune-4

No door registration allowed, seats alloted on a first come first served basis.

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Abhisam Industrial IoT Workshops in Mumbai in Aug 2018

Abhisam is pleased to announce TWO Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Digitalization training workshops (Samurai level) in August 2018 in Mumbai. There will be two workshops (both identical, so you can attend one or the other). The first one will be on 24th and 25th Aug 2018 and the second one will be on 27th and 28th Aug 2018. These one of its kind programs will be conducted by industry experts and will cover a range of topics that everybody who works in Automation, Control Systems or Industrial Electronics MUST know.  Also earn an electronic Badge via Credly, one of the largest badge issuers in the world. (All Abhisam electronic badges conform to the new Mozilla Open Badges standard and can be added to your LinkedIN profile and/or shared online).

AbhisamIIoT_Samurai Badge

The Industrial IoT revolution is here and if you do not come up to speed with it today, you may be left out of the job market. This technology is rapidly making inroads into industries which until today had not implemented much of  of Instrumentation or Control System technology such as PLC/SCADA or DCS systems or even single loop controllers. It is also making inroads into older plants that do have existing older automation, but now it is difficult to upgrade or migrate to a new system. Instead of moving over again to newer (but actually legacy automation systems) models of  PLCs or DCS, owner operators now have another choice-moving to a completely different, modern Digital and secure IIoT architecture!

This new automation architecture is secure from the ground up, meaning right from the sensor all the way to the board room. This is not available in todays’ legacy systems, be they analog 4-20 mA based or Fieldbus based systems. This is of course, just one  of the aspects of this new paradigm shift in automation. This technology can not just be applied to the process industries but also to other manufacturing organizations such as machinery makers (think cutting machines, presses, etc), OEMs,(think chilling plants or fired heaters),  suppliers of package units like Nitrogen generators or Ammonia compressors, small assembly shops, paint shops and many more!

Do enroll in the course today to learn many more things and also get certified! You can enroll at the link below for the workshop that will be on 24th and 25th Aug


If you wish to enroll for the workshop on 27th and 28th Aug 2018, then use the following link to register.

Note that both workshops will be identical, so you can choose to attend either one, as per your convenience.


Here are some glimpses from earlier programs.

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud



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