Abhisam Express IIoT and Digitalization Workshop in Mumbai in May 2018

Abhisam is pleased to announce that it is holding an Express IIoT and Digitalisation training workshop in Mumbai on 5th May 2018. This workshop will be an intensive one day event that will bring you up to speed with the Industrial Internet of Things and Digitalisation. These technologies are truly revolutionary and will completely change the way that you design, engineer and run plants in the future. This technology will have a much bigger impact than what happened when PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers ) and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) were introduced the first time.

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud

It is essential for all engineers and especially for Instrumentation, Automation & Control System engineers and professionals to learn and come to grips with this new technology fast, to avoid becoming obsolete in their field. Other disciplines such as Electrical & Mechanical will also find this highly useful as there are several applications using this that can help them. On the Cloud side, if you are an IT professional of any kind, then this workshop will show you how field devices get connected to IoT platforms in the cloud and how you can quickly deploy them. Clients are now asking for IIoT Solutions and it requires an understanding of multiple fields, that this workshop will provide.

You can also earn the IIoT Ninja badge, that you can share on places like LinkedIn and Facebook. This badge is issued via Credly, the largest badge issuer on the planet!

Abhisam IIoT Ninja badge

The IIoT Ninja Badge (sample). Note that the ctual badge will have an embedded snippet of code that establishes authenicity and can be shared online on places like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Do not confuse this workshop with similar sounding workshops held for hobbyists or school students. This is the real industrial stuff, that is not taught anywhere else. Work yourself on live industrial devices such as Valve push button stations and Water Quality Monitoring stations. See how they securely interface to cloud platforms and how you can deploy one or a million devices effectively.

To participate, book now to avoid being left out as doors will close fast. Register by clicking the link below.


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Abhisam participates in the Black & Veatch Technology Conference & Vendor Expo

Abhisam was honored to be among the very few companies that were shortlisted to participate in the Black & Veatch Technology Conference and Vendor Expo in Mumbai on 17th April 2018. Other companies shortlisted were Siemens, AutoDesk , Capgemini, Imaginarium, Simulanis and Idea Forge. This event traditionally is held by the Black & Veatch Head Office in Kansas City every year and this year was the first time that their Mumbai office also decided to hold it concurrently at the same time. Abhisam participated in the Mumbai event.

Abhisam offerings in various areas related to e-learning & training were showcased. The highlight was the Abhisam Industrial IoT Training with working prototypes of a valve simulator and a Water Quality Monitor being displayed. Visitors to the Abhisam booth were from all departments in the Mumbai Black & Veatch office and were impressed by the developments in Industrial IoT and Digitalisation that were showcased. The Water quality monitor was interfaced to a Cloud platform and visitors could see dashboards being updated in Real Time with values of the pH and Turbidity being monitored. These dashboards could be seen on a tablet, smartphone and a regular laptop.

There were several questions about the new Industrial Internet of Things & Digitalisation technology asked by visitors, which were thoroughly answered by Abhisam representatives manning the booth. Participants were eager to learn more about IIoT and how it could be applied to their own upcoming projects, to save costs, drastically improve cyber security of the installation and give real time information views to everybody in the organization as well as outside (such as suppliers and customers) via Digitalisation.

To know more about this technology please enroll in one of our upcoming Industrial IoT Training workshops, where you will learn all about this technology and how you can use it to save costs and get other important benefits, such as cybersecurity upto the field device level and much more!

Black & Veatch is a leading engineering, consulting and construction company that is employee-owned and has more than 100 offices worldwide. BV specializes in:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Data Centers
  • Governments
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Smart Cities
  • Telecommunications
  • Water
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Abhisam Express IIoT Workshop held in Pune

On 7th April, Abhisam held its Express IIoT Workshop at Pune.


The event took place at the MCCIA Trade Tower on Senapati Bapat Road, which was attended by engineers working in companies like Emerson, Honeywell and others. It was an intensive one day program that squeezed in a large amount of knowledge in one day and was meant for busy professionals, who cannot spare time for the regular two day workshop. All participants will receive the Abhisam IIoT Ninja badge, signifying that they have started their Industrial Internet of Things journey, that will take them places.

Abhisam IIoT Ninja badge

The IIoT Ninja Badge (sample). Note that the actual badge will have an embedded snippet of code that establishes authenticity and can be shared online on places like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Industrial Internet  is a large part of the much discussed Internet of Things (IoT), which is an enabling technology that connects devices and things to the internet, thereby unlocking a lot of value. The Industrial IoT is also variously described as IIoT, Industrie 4.0 and Digitalisation. They refer to the same phenomenon, which is making dumb devices and machines smarter, connecting them to platforms that can then derive a lot of value out of the humungous amounts of data that is collected.

This workshop covered all the basics right from what is the Industrial IoT, upto designing and making your own IIoT device.A valve simulator that was designed and made inhouse by Abhisam, for the purpose of the training was demonstrated. This was connected to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and the data exchange, monitoring and control was also demonstrated. Similar cloud platforms that enable IIoT were also discussed including using Amazon AWS, Google IoT Cloud and SAP’s Leonardo.

It covered major IoT protocols such as MQTT in depth, its supriority to using simply https and also aspects related to cybersecurity. It helped participants realize that although IEC 62443 is thought to be the main cyber security standard for industrial systems, it is merely the starting point, since the field device communications that use Fieldbus technology or HART or Modbus are not really secure from the ground up. The Industrial IoT architecture can change all that and result in a much stronger industrial cybersecurity enabled architecture, that can be massively scaled up. Some scenarios with regards to streaming analytics and dashboards were also discussed.

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud

A vibration monitoring device to monitor vibrations of machinery such as motors, compressors and other rotating equipment was also demonstrated, alongwith analytics for it and AI based predictive manintenance.

The size of the Digitalization and IIoT market is said to be in the trillions by various different consulting firms, which means it is a great opportunity for Industrial Automation vendors. It will impact all traditional vendors of DCS, PLC, SCADA and even SIS.

All the participants were very happy with the workshop, although a common complaint was the limited time at their disposal (one day). It was however appreciated by them, that the topic is vast and there are other options of attending the two day regular workshop  as well as advanced workshops that will have a deep dive into the technology.

Would you like to know more about Digitalization, the Industrial IoT and Industrie 4.0? Then join us at our next workshop, to be announced soon. Better still, get in touch with us to arrange one in your own city or workplace. Our experts can travel at short notice to any location.

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Abhisam and Government Polytechnic Mumbai sign MOU

Abhisam is pleased to announce that they have signed an MoU with Government Polytechnic Mumbai (GPM), to enable access to all Abhisam online e-learning courses to participants of GPM’s  Continuing Education Programs (CEP), as well as their regular final year students. All participants who enroll in these courses and pass the associated exam, will get dual certification from Abhisam and GPM. The Continuing Education Program from GPM allows working professionals to acquire additional skills in engineering and technology, without having to attend full time courses. Abhisam’s e-learning courses will be a perfect answer for these busy professionals, who wish to acquire knowledge, skills and industry recognized certifications.

Abhisam signs MoU with GPM. Seen in the picture are Mandar Phadke, Prasanna Malandkar of Abhisam and Prof Vishwarupe, Prof Dr Narkhede, Prof. Dhulshette and other faculty of GPM.

The entire e-learning catalog of Abhisam will be available to these professionals, who can then enroll into all or individual courses via GPM Admissions department. This catalog consists of courses such as those on AC Variable Frequency Drives, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology), Safety Instrumented Systems, Fieldbus, Hazardous Area Instrumentation, Gas Monitors, HAZOP, Safe Chemical Warehousing and others. Newer Abhisam courses such as those on Basic Industrial Cybersecurity, Intrinsic Safety and IoT will be automatically added.

Abhisam Software is the leader in providing e-learning courses to technical professionals all over the world. Government Polytechnic Mumbai is a premier autonomous institute under the Govt Of Maharashtra, that provides technical education to students via regular three year Diploma courses, as well as via Continuing Education Programs to industry professionals.

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Variable Frequency Drives Training Workshop

April 26, 2017– Abhisam is pleased to announce a practical cum theory training workshop on AC Variable Frequency Drives at their Thane training center in Thane, India. The workshop will include both the theory and practical applications involving this technology. Led by industry experts with decades of experience in engineering, installation and maintenance of these systems, this is an opportunity not to be missed at all! The batch size is restricted to only 15 participants, on a first come first served basis. It will be conducted over two days in May 2017. Please contact sales@abhisam.com to enroll.

Known by alternate names such as Variable Speed Drives and Inverter Drives, this technology has become very popular, but there is a lot of knowledge gap between the state of the art today and what is taught as part of courses/curriculums at the college/university level. Engineers and technicians today need to understand not only how these VFDs work, they must also be able to do the following

  • Understand the unique characteristics of the  type of load (maybe pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, hoists, belts and so on)
  • Understand which AC Motor and Drive combination can work best for the application
  • Make specifications and/or understand specifications made by the client/user
  • Select the most suitable drive based on above
  • Plan the control architecture, panel layout, functionality of the drive and input/output of the power and signal cables, connect the drive to other industrial systems like SCADA or PLC/DCS via Serial or MODBUS interfaces
  • Install and correctly configure the drive (parameterization)
  • Commission the drive
  • Troubleshoot problems

This one of a kind workshop will enable the participant to do all this and more!

AC Variable Frequency Drives Training

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