Working as an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician at a busy refinery I often have to undertake maintenance and install new process control components in a wide variety of locations. Not being fully aware of the the current regulations and requirements imposed on hazardous areas I took it upon myself to further my education in this field, I purchased the Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning course by Abhisam. I found this product to be very informative and easy to understand. It is a very useful tool to have on hand when determining zones, temperature classifications, Gas groups and equipment selection for use in different areas. The price of the product compared with others is fantastic and I personally recommend that any technician working in this field should own a copy.

Western Australia

I have worked in the International Oil and Gas Industry as a technical instructor for more than thirty years. Most of my work has been with those whose first language is not necessarily English; hence "understanding" can be a problem!

I have both used and recommended the products of Abhisam (Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Instrumentation, Fieldbus, Gas Monitors e-learning courses and both the ebooks-The Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification and  the Quick Guide to AC Variable Frequency Drives, as excellent training support aids. My field of work has been in the areas of instrumentation and automation.  The materials are presented in a very professional manner being clear, concise and very easy to understand.
I recommend them highly to all engineers and technicians in our industry. It is my intention to increase my library of Abhisam training materials and to use them not only to enhance my own fields of work but to hopefully increase Abhisam sales! They are excellent and I recommend them highly. No praise is too great!!

John Longden
GCGI LCGI. Senior Trainer
Petroleum Training Institute, UK


Thank you for allowing me to use the RFID Case Study EBook in my classroom.  The students appreciate the timeliness and challenge of the cases relating to current supply chain issues.  Discussion blossomed when the students discovered that the questions I asked regarding the cases currently have no "right" answers.  The case studies enhanced their understanding of current challenges and opportunities with RFID technology in supply chain management.

Ms. Carol Putman,
Penn State University, US

I recently finished the ebook "A Quick Guide to AC Variable Frequency Drives".
I am a new enginer and this subject was not a topic that I studied while completing my degree. Since I have been thrust into the middle of a project where VFDs and Inverter Duty motors are the major components and the schedule is very tight, it was imperative that I acquire a functional base knowledge of the topic as quickly as possible.
This was an excellent way to start my education. The ebook was easy to read and understand. It was short enough that i was able to cover all the relevant topics within the necessary time frame.
A job well done by Abhisam!

Paul Coutts
Electrical Engineer,
Alberta, Canada

We are the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, one of the major Oil & Gas production companies in EGYPT. I would like to express our good impression on such course. It is one of the most comprehensive, information rich and fun at the same time regarding Hazard area classification and its equipment installation practice.
Best regards for the abhisam company!

Instrumentation Department
GUPCO, Egypt

"The Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification" and "  Hazardous Area Instrumentation" helped me by its very clear and easy to understand demonstration, to explain and answer our client and colleague queries related to these subjects.
The result was amazing when I received their feedback after years of experience in this area.
I would recommend "The Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification" and "  Hazardous Area Instrumentation"  to people who need  get some training in this field,before trying anything else, since I did this and found the abhisam product the most effective and helpful among the other training products.
I wish success for abhisam team for their great work.
Farshid Alsafi, USA

The Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training Course is a great tool for engineers. The format, including realistic animations and illustrations, makes the course easy to comprehend, yet comprehensive in its content. The customer support from this provider is excellent, very prompt and helpful.

RC, Prof Engr., Australia

I am working in one of the world's leading EPC companies, engaged in the Oil & Gas industry. I have purchased the Safety Instrumented Systems, Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning courses and the ebook Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification. All of them are excellently crafted, the best available online, with excellent support via email.
I appreciate the good work done by Abhisam and hope that they do come out on more such courses, especially on Control Valves.

Deepak Kumar Jha
New Delhi, India

This is the best course I have come across in Gas detection systems. I am working in an Oil & Gas processing plant.
After completing this course, I have got lot of confidence in the system.
Even though it is an e-learning course, the information that we learn can be directly applied in our day to day operations.
The course is well written in a simple language without missing the essential information.
The course is a must for a trainee engineer to understand the concept and even useful for an experienced engineer.
The information that we learn in this course cannot be learned even in a regular "fire and gas systems course" which costs multiple times than this. It is very useful for engineers who are working in design and operation & maintenance as well not to exclude sales.
I am planning to take the Hazardous area classification, SIL & HAZOP course from Abhisam. Expecting more design safety oriented courses from Abhisam.I heartly congratulate Abhisam for their wonderful efforts."

Natarajan, National Drilling Company-Saudi Arabia.

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