AC Variable Frequency Drives

The previosly published ebook named The Quick guide to AC Variable Frequency Drives is being replaced with a newer more comprehensive XPRTU (Software Based Training Course). Contact us to get notified of the release or watch this space!

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You are here on this page because you are interested in knowing more about Variable Frequency Drives (known as VFDs for short). They are also referred to as Variable Speed Drives, AC Drives, Inverter Drives, Frequency Drives, Adjustable Speed Drives and other similar terms.

VFDs are growing in importance every day as you see them being increasingly used in all kinds of places, not just manufacturing plants and industries, but also in office buildings, warehouses and other commercial places. The reason is easy. They are the best thing that ever happened to the ac induction motor, as you can now control these motors in a variety of ways, which were not at all possible earlier. For years together, the ac induction motor, the workhorse of all manufacturing as well as all kinds of activity of any kind, was labeled as a "constant speed machine". But with the advent of this new technology, we could easily adjust speed as well as other parameters of these motors easily.

However, the information that is available on how to use these drives is not very easily available. Of course there ARE several sources of information, but are problematic. Why? Read on below:

Source 1: The internet

Of course, there is a lot of "free information" out there that is on the internet, but it is difficult to verify, collate and understand. To do this would also require literally spending endless hours surfing, and trying to find something that can actually be used in your work.

Source 2: Textbooks

You could buy a textbook on the subject from any of the bookstores; the only problems being that the information is very likely outdated and secondly many of these are written in a way that is difficult to understand for the practising engineer or technician like you. Seriously do you have the time to solve some complex vector mathematics, differential equations and the like? Or would you want to find out quickly why your expensive VSD is tripping up at a particular frequency?

Source 3: Vendor literature

Would you ask a barber whether you need a haircut? What would be the answer? No prizes for guessing! If you ask a vendor (nothing against them, they are the ones who develop the technology behind these wonderful devices), but the chances are that you will not get UNBIASED answers. Suppose a standard V/f drive is good enough for your application. Would a typical vendor tell you that? Or would he/she try to "upsell" you to a vector drive? I think you get the point....

So, we at Abhisam Software (who develop a lot of e-learning courses for engineers and technicians) thought about it and decided that we should have an UNBIASED GUIDE to this wonderful technology that is

a) Easy to understand

b) Not too long winded, without skipping anything important

c) Easily accessible

Here's the end product


Read on below to see the Table of Contents- and what's more you can preview the entire ebook for FREE! So you buy it only if you like what you see.

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Still Have Questions? No Problem, Here's A List Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the ebook? Is it just a power point presentation?

No, it is NOT a power point presentation at all! It is a full fledged, comprehensive e-book (in a protected pdf format). You can view it on  the PC where you install it. 

Why is the ebook in a protected format?

We would like to protect your investment in technical knowledge from content thieves, who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. We do not want you to pay for something only to later on discover that somebody else has got it for free, from some illegal sites. There's no "fun" in "sharing", if only you have to pay for your book and others don't isn't it? The protected format ensures that you, as the rightful owner of your copy can alone access it. Anybody wishing a copy for their own use has to buy it, just like you did.

Will I be able to print it?

No, it is an ebook, meant for viewing and reading on a PC only.

How will I get access to the book?

Simply download the Trial Version. This is the full ebook, but it will only run ONCE on your PC. After previewing it, you can then buy it by Clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button above. You will be sent the download link and the license key to activate it.

What Operating Systems will it work on?

It will work on Windows systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10)

I don't use Windows. I am a Mac user. How can I buy and read this e- book?

You can buy the Kindle version on Amazon here.

Do I have to pay any recurring license fees?

Yes, there are RECURRING LICENSE FEES. However the license is for 1 year, beyond which we will not be able to offer free support. Also we keep on updating our products from time to time.

What is the ordering process?

When you click on the Add to Cart button, you will be taken to one of our e-commerce partners, either, Fast Spring  or Share-It (now called Digital River),  as they process the payments for us. Ordering is completely secure. You can pay online by either Credit Card, Paypal or wire transfer/manual order. Note that you will get the license key to activate your ebook, only after payment is approved.

The price will never be any lower than it is today, and there is no guarantee that it we won't raise it again tomorrow.

Click the button above to order, the course will be available for instant download after payment.

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P.S. This is the most effective "Quick Guide to AC Variable Frequency Drives" book that you will find... Not only easy to read and understand, but it's the most cost effective solution on the market as well.