Industrial Internet of Things Workshop

 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) workshop

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Dates: 9-10 March 2018

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast emerging and developing technology that is set to transform our entire economy & way of life in the coming years. The IoT will have both Domestic (consumer) and Industrial (Business/Enterprise) versions. The Industrial version of the IoT is called the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and will be nearly 70% of the IoT by value by some estimates. This hands on training workshop aims to bring you up to speed with this new technology, so that you can participate in this ecosystem and benefit from it. You need to have some background of basic engineering and technology to attend this.

About the Workshop
The Abhisam IIoT Workshop has been developed by industry experts having cumulatively more than hundred man years of experience in Industrial Automation, Control Systems and Business Enterprise IT Systems. This workshop is not the run of the mill IoT hobbyist workshop. It is meant for industrial and business professionals who wish to come up to speed with this new technology and use it in their own industries and businesses. Attending this workshop will give you an intensive training over a period of two days, so that you can quickly learn the subject and start thinking of how you can participate in this rapidly growing market.

The workshop is ideal for engineers and technologists, as well as managers and business owners to see how they can gain from it. This workshop will cover the following topics.

Module 1- Basic Concepts

  • Introduction to Things
  • Introduction to IoT- Background & History
  • How is IIoT different from plain vanilla IoT?
  • Challenges facing IIoT due to the I part
  • Types of Sensors, Transmitters, Control Systems & Actuators
  • Introduction to RFID Technology & its role in IoT
  • Characteristics of Industrial Devices-
  • Traditional Data Acquisition & Control Architectures- PLC/DCS/SCADA/SIS
  • Changes in legacy architectures due to to IIoT
  • Industry 4.0 Concepts

Module 2- IIoT Architectures

  • Understanding Industrial applications
  • Designing viable IIoT Architectures
  • Machine Automation applications versus Process Automation applications
  • Field Devices in IIoT
  • Connecting legacy I/Os – Analog 4-20 mA, Fieldbus, Wireless devices and Gateways
  • Communication Protocols (including OSI Model and TCP/IP, MQTT, HTTP, REST)
  • Cybersecurity Considerations- Authentication, Encryption, Security Certificates, SSL

Module 3- IIoT Platforms

  • Characteristics of IIoT platforms- Open Source, Third Party or Dedicated
  • What is the Cloud? Why use it? Fog, Private Cloud & Public Cloud
  • Digitalization & Virtualization
  • Digital Twin Concept
  • Practical Exercise- Use Microsoft Azure as an IIoT platform
  • Using Amazon Web Services IoT platform
  • Using SAP Leonardo & IBM Bluemix/ Watson as IoT platforms
  • Using made for IoT Cloud platforms of other vendors
  • Analytics and Dashboards

Module 4- IIoT Standards & Interoperability

  • Need for Common Taxonomy & Framework/Rules
  • Developing Standards & Practices
  • CENELEC/ IEC / ISO IEEE & ISA status on Standards
  • Industrial IoT Consortium Framework Info
  • Challenge of interoperability

Module 5-Practical Demo 1

  • Building an IIoT Device- how?
  • Developing Specifications
  • Building and IIoT Solution -how?
  • Selecting Field devices & the platform
  • Configuring programs & parameters
  • System integration & testing

Module 6-Practical Demo 2- Predictive Maintenance application

Module 7-Practical Demo 2- Machinery Analytics Application

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Disclaimer: Abhisam has no connection with the vendors named here such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon and others, nor is an affiliate/reseller of any of these entities, nor does Abhisam endorse any particular vendor. Information about their products and services is provided for educational use only and the decision to use any provider is left to the learners own judgement. Standards may have be purchased from the concerned bodies such as IEC and others by interested learners. Abhisam training workshops are vendor neutral.

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