Discover the Power of E-learning!

Abhisam Software, is the leader in technical training. Our innovative e-learning courses help technical professionals like you to stay on top of the learning curve. Our e-learning courses, span areas in Instrumentation, Automation & Control Systems, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology,  Industrial Internet of Things, Safe Chemical Warehousing, Environmental topics, Industrial Cybersecurity and Process Safety.

These courses courses impart critical skills to technical professionals, working in companies in various industries such as Industrial Automation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Power Generation & Distribution, Engineering Design companies, EPC companies, regulatory authorities and universities.

These courses can be purchased individually, or as part of the Abhisam GOLD Member program.

Some people and companies prefer face to face training as a traditional, classroom style workshop. We have several public workshops that you can attend, held in different cities. These are led by subject matter experts having decades of experience in addition to being highly qualified. This is a great opportunity to meet Abhisam experts in person, ask them questions about real life issues related to the subject and gain valuable insights. You can also earn certificates and badges for attending these.

In-house workshops and masterclasses can also be organized for your company or organization. We can even have a blended learning package for you where your company employees get e-learning access as well as attend the workshop.

Would you like to have a HAZOP Leader/facilitator to lead your Safety Studies? Or perhaps you would like to get some help with decommissioning your plant? Would you like to conduct a technical due diligence of that new plant that you are thinking of acquiring? Do you wish to have an online system for managing employee training activity and get reports for compliance?

We can do all this for you.

Abhisam's Consulting services span a very broad range of small niches, where we excel. Discover how our consulting services can help you here.

Get Certified! Earn Certificates and Badges.

Every e-learning course comes with its own online examination, that leads to a Certificate of Competency on passing, plus an electronic badge, that allow you to showcase your skills to the world, by attaching them to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, making it easier for employers and clients to easily find you!
You can also earn different kinds of certificates and badges by attending our training workshops and masterclasses. Abhisam's certificates and badges are well recognized in industries and businesses all over the world.
Showcase your achievements today. Earn an Abhisam Certificate and Badge by participating in an e-learning course or a workshop/masterclass.