Workshops / Masterclasses

Abhisam conducts some highly specialized and hard-to-find-otherwise Training Workshops & Masterclasses from time to time. Below you will find information on a few of these.

1. Functional Safety Training Programs

Program 1: Functional Safety and SIL Workshop (in association with Risknowlogy GmbH, Switzerland)

This training program is done via Risknowlogy. This training will enable participants to know all the basics of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Functional Safety. Ideal if you are new to these topics. The training will be generic and is useful across several industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining, Automotive, Railway, Machinery and others.

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Program 2: Functional Safety Certification Course  (in association with Risknowlogy GmbH , Switzerland).

This training program will enable participants to learn all about Functional Safety, including Safety Integrity level Assessments, IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 and related topics. Successful participants get a TUV SUD Certificate in Functional Safety. Unlike vendor sponsored programs, (that talk about their own brand name safety systems), you will get REAL UNBIASED and factual information from seasoned professional engineers having DECADES of experience in Safety Systems worldwide.

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Program 3: SIL Verification & Calculations Course (in association with Risknowlogy GmbH, Switzerland)

After the SIL Determination is over and the project is at an implementation stage, you may asked to do a SIL Verification, to ensure that the desired SIL exists. Do you know how to do this? SIL Verification does not only mean PFDavg calculations, but it has many more things to be done, especially if you want compliance to IEC 61508 and /or IEC 61511 standards. Know how to do the calculations manually, as well as by using software tools. Get access to the Risknowlogy SIL Master Tool

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2. Hazardous Area Training Programs


Hazardous Areas are those areas of plants or facilities where there is a risk of explosion due to flammable, volatile liquids & vapors, as also explosive dusts. Thus hazardous areas are present in Oil & Gas exploration & production, oil refining, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, shipping terminals and ships that carry hydrocarbons, large agricultural processing and storage plants, power plants, natural gas production and processing facilities and many more. The design of equipment and instrumentation/electrical devices in such areas has to be suitable for use in these areas. The Hazardous Area Training workshop will cover all the information and techniques that you need to keep these areas safe to operate. You may enroll in Program 1 or Program 2 or both.

Our earlier Hazardous Area workshops were SOLD OUT within days of being announced.

Program 1: Hazardous Area Classification

This training program enables participants, to learn all about Hazardous Areas including the basic concepts of hazardous areas, area classification concepts and methods, material and temperature classification, standards (North American & European/IEC/ATEX), how to implement these in YOUR plant or facility,  do practical exercises in area classification. Learn from leading Industry experts and interact with them.

Program 2: Hazardous Area Instrumentation

This training program will enable participants to learn all about Hazardous Area Instrumentation including the basics of explosion protection, various methods of explosion protection including Explosionproof/Flameproof, Intrinsic Safety, Increased Safety, Non Incendive and more. Learn about applicable national and international standards, design and installation of hazardous area instrumentation, ATEX & IEC-Ex guidelines, maintenance and inspection, labelling of equipment, precautions to maintain the explosion protected design.

Hazardous Area Workshop Participants

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HazardousAreaInstrumentation Training Course

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3. HAZOP Classroom Training Workshop

HAZOP stands for Hazard and Operability Study and is one of the most popular Risk Assessment techniques in use today in industries such as Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical manufacturing and other similar process industries. The methods that were developed are now in use in other engineering sectors too, such as in Electrical HAZOP and Software HAZOP. However this classroom training workshop is focused on the process industry sector and is highly detailed and intensive.

Led by leading industry professionals with individual experiences of at least 25 years, this is a great way to learn about HAZOP, if you have the time and inclination to spend two days in a classroom type setting. You not only learn about this from the experts, but you can also ask them questions about the problems that you faced while carrying out safety and risk assessment studies in your earlier projects.

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HAZOP Training Course

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4. BIG Data & Data Science Masterclass

Program 1: How to Derive Value from Big Data in your Enterprise

Delivered by a Big Data veteran from the US  (Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton)

Big Data may have passed the Gartner hype cycle already, but that does not mean that it is now not that important. On the contrary, it's importance is growing across a wide variety of business sectors. It is about using special techniques on large amounts of data, to gain insights, develop models and get actionable pieces of information. It is considered as a second Industrial revolution, meaning that it will completely change how business is conducted, across a wide swathe of enterprises and markets. Until recently, Big data was mainly being used in Retail (both bricks and mortar as well as E-commerce), Online Advertising, Healthcare & Medical Insurance, Banking and Financial markets. However it is now being used also in the traditional industries such as Oil and Gas, for example in smart Reservoir Management for oilfields.

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5. Industrial Internet of Things Workshops

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that is set to transform our entire economy & way of life in the coming years. The IoT will have both Domestic (consumer) and Industrial (Business/Enterprise) versions. The Industrial version of the IoT is called the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and will be nearly 70% of the IoT by value by some estimates. These vendor-neutral workshops aim to bring you up to speed with this new technology, so that you can participate in this ecosystem and benefit from it.

The Abhisam IIoT Workshops have been developed by industry experts having cumulatively more than hundred man years. of experience in Industrial Automation, Control Systems and Business Enterprise IT Systems. These workshops are not the run of the mill IoT hobbyist workshop. They are meant for industrial and business professionals who wish to come up to speed with this new technology.

There are two workshop levels, an Express Workshop (1 day) and a Regular workshop (2 days)

Program 1: Express Industrial IoT Workshop

This workshop is a short, condensed version of the Comprehensive IIoT workshop and covers all the essentials that you need to know to understand and start using this technology either as an end user, system integrator or a product manufacturer. The one day workshop entitles participants to earn an electronic badge at the Ninja level.

Program 2: Comprehensive Industrial IoT Workshop (2 days)

This comprehensive Industrial IoT training workshop is the regular version of the Express workshop and covers topics in more detail, than what is covered in the Express workshop. It covers some additional topics that are not covered at the Express level and also covers some of the same topics at a more deeper level. The two day workshop entitles participants to earn an electronic badge at the Samurai level.

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6. Fieldbus Workshop

Fieldbus technology in its original version, is more than 20 years old, but in the world of industrial automation is considered modern (as compared to the earlier analog 4-20 mA signaling systems). The present iteration of Fieldbus technology is a much improved version of the original one and is still widely specified when building new process plants. This comprehensive workshop is focused primarily on FOUNDATION Fieldbus, which is used in most process plants today that have a large number of analog measurement points such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, density, etc.

The workshop covers the theory of digital communication, FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocols and practical exercises including the configuration of Control System blocks, querying and downloading these blocks into field devices using hand held terminals and more.


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